[ aw-guhs-tuh, uh-guhs- ]
/ ɔˈgʌs tə, əˈgʌs- /


a city in E Georgia, on the Savannah River.
a city in and the capital of Maine, in the SW part, on the Kennebec River.
a female given name.

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[ meyn ]
/ meɪn /


a state in the NE United States, on the Atlantic coast. 33,215 sq. mi. (86,027 sq. km). Capital: Augusta. Abbreviation: ME (for use with zip code), Me.
a historical region and former province in NW France.
(italics) a U.S. battleship blown up in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, on February 15, 1898: this incident stimulated popular support in the U.S. for the Spanish-American War. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ɔːˈɡʌstə) /


a city in the US, in Georgia. Pop: 193 316 (2003 est) (including Richmond)
a port in S Italy, in E Sicily. Pop: 33 820 (2001)
a town in the US, in Maine: the state capital; founded (1628) as a trading post; timber industry. Pop: 18 618 (2003 est)

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/ (meɪn) /


a state of the northeastern US, on the Atlantic: chiefly hilly, with many lakes, rivers, and forests. Capital: Augusta. Pop: 1 305 728 (2003 est). Area: 86 156 sq km (33 265 sq miles)Abbreviation: Me, (with zip code) ME
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State in the northeastern United States; northernmost of the New England states. Bordered by Quebec, Canada, to the northwest; New Brunswick, Canada, to the northeast; the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast; and New Hampshire to the west. Its capital is Augusta, and Portland is its largest city.

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