[ an-teez, ahn-teez ]


, Informal.
  1. the plural of auntie or aunty.

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Example Sentences

These aunties see themselves as the “good girls,” and they assert their authority to keep the “bad girls” in check.

Girls often call these older women in their community their "aunties."

Gilliam said Armstrong often said she was "tired of being a burden on my aunties and uncles."

Aunties are unpleasant things,” she said to herself; “but, all the same, I mean to fuss over this one.

And when the boys would say to their aunties, "Why don't you have horses and carriages?"

So prim little Annabel was sent home, and the exhausted aunties left Rose to her own devices for a day or two.

When we did so at length the old aunties were waiting at the gate, and then he broke into exclamations again.

I have sent the aunties to bed, but Rosa has made me promise to awaken her at four, that she may take her turn at his bedside.





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