1. variant of auri-1, especially before a vowel.

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  1. variant of auri-2, especially before a vowel. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use aur- in a sentence

  • Ever after when I passed by his house, some of the children would point to me and say, ‘Yaw killed aur guise.’

    Wanderings in South America | Charles Waterton
  • Parents virginis, qu ad eam redimendam satis455 mgnum aur pondus attulerant, Scpinem rbant ut id s dnum acciperet.

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • At praeter spem vsit: barbar enim equum ius aur phalersque eximis nstrctum cperant.

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • Mahmoud, who set them up, had an unpleasant way of referring to a new lyric as 'Ek aur chiz'—one more thing—which I never liked.

    My First Book: | Various
  • In consequence of this defect, Dr. Zwanzig considered that the ten-thousandth of a grain of Aur.