automated-teller machine

[ aw-tuh-mey-tid-tel-er muh-sheen ]
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  1. an electronic banking machine that dispenses cash, accepts deposits, and performs other services when a customer inserts a plastic card and pushes the proper coded buttons. Abbreviation: ATM

Origin of automated-teller machine

First recorded in 1970–75
  • Also called au·to·mat·ed tell·er, au·to·mat·ic-tell·er ma·chine, au·to·mat·ic tell·er, cash ma·chine [kashmuh-sheen], /ˈkæʃ mə ˌʃin/, mon·ey ma·chine [muhn-ee muh-sheen]. /ˈmʌn i mə ˌʃin/.

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British Dictionary definitions for automated teller machine

automated teller machine

  1. a computerized cash dispenser: Abbreviation: ATM

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