or a·va'

[ uh-vah, uh-vaw ]


, Scot.
  1. of all; at all.



[ ey-vuh ]


  1. a first name.


/ əˈvɔː /


  1. at all

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ava1

Scot form of of all

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Example Sentences

The day we registered Ava’s birth, we walked into the registration office and saw all the proud parents with their babies.

Carney is survived by his husband, Brian Long and their three cats, Ava, Zephyr, and Jack.

In this devastating story, Ava and Kiera’s obsession with death leads to irreversible consequences.

For much of her life, the second born, Ava, had been a handful.

Ava was a smart kid with great creativity and she loved to try new things, but she didn’t tend to stick with them for more than a few months.

Ava DuVernay, as New York magazine notes, has now joined their ranks.

Too bad director Ava DuVernay gets the history wrong in Selma.

For Ava, serving as a model fulfills a larger artistic goal.

It was also the first time for Ava, a 45-year-old German photographer.

An AVA is decided, incredibly, not by wine connoisseurs but by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

And we came into the yard, walled about with tinned iron, and drank ava with the prisoners and the captain.

Seumanu gave me one of his names; and when my name was called at the ava drinking, behold, it was Au mai taua ma manu-vao!

Mr. Gouger, a young merchant residing at Ava, was then with us, and had much more reason to fear than the rest of us.

Perhaps no death in Ava ever produced such universal rejoicings, as that of the Pakan Woon.

Our final release from Ava, and our recovering all the property that had there been taken, was owing entirely to his efforts.