[ av-uh-duh-vat ]
/ ˈæv ə dəˌvæt /


a waxbill, Estrilda amandava, native to Asia, having in the male scarlet plumage with white dots on the sides and breast: raised as a cage bird.
Also amadavat.

Origin of avadavat

1770–80; earlier amaduvad, after Amidavad, a 17th century name (perhaps < Portuguese) for Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, from where the birds were first exported
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amadavat (ˌæmədəˈvæt)

/ (ˌævədəˈvæt) /


either of two Asian weaverbirds of the genus Estrilda, esp E. amandava, having a red plumage: often kept as cagebirds

Word Origin for avadavat

C18: from Ahmadabad, Indian city from which these birds were brought to Europe
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