French, literally "before," in various terms borrowed into English, corresponding to Italian avanti, both from Latin abante, a compound of ab "from" (see ab-) and ante "before" (see ante).

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  • As I was saying, cheek in business generally is the avant courier of success.

    A Pirate of Parts

    Richard Neville

  • We then started at a smart pace, but could not come up with our avant garde.

  • But he was kept prisoner while Bob was sent as an avant courier.

  • True; but she comes as the avant courier to announce the arrival of her brother.

  • Avant tout elle désire comme elle l'a déjà déclaré dès le commencement du différend Austro-Serbe que ce conflit reste localisé.

    Why We Are At War (2nd Edition, revised)

    Members of the Oxford Faculty of Modern History