[ ah-vey, ey-vee ]
/ ˈɑ veɪ, ˈeɪ vi /


hail; welcome.
farewell; goodbye.


the salutation “ave.”
(initial capital letter) Ave Maria.

Origin of ave

1200–50; Middle English < Latin: imperative 2nd singular of avēre to be well, fare well

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or ave.

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ave atque vale
[ ah-we aht-kwe wah-le; English ey-vee at-kwee vey-lee, ah-vey aht-kwey vah-ley ]
/ ˈɑ wɛ ˈɑt kwɛ ˈwɑ lɛ; English ˈeɪ vi ˈæt kwi ˈveɪ li, ˈɑ veɪ ˈɑt kweɪ ˈvɑ leɪ /

interjection Latin.

hail and farewell.
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/ (ˈɑːvɪ, ˈɑːveɪ) /

sentence substitute

welcome or farewell

Word Origin for ave


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/ (ˈɑːvɪ) /

noun RC Church

short for Ave Maria See Hail Mary
the time for the Angelus to be recited, so called because of the threefold repetition of the Ave Maria in this devotion
the beads of the rosary used to count the number of Ave Marias said

Word Origin for Ave

C13: from Latin: hail!

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abbreviation for

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