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[ uh-vur-zhuhn, -shuhn ]


  1. a strong feeling of dislike, opposition, repugnance, or antipathy (usually followed by to ):

    a strong aversion to snakes and spiders.

    Synonyms: disgust, abhorrence, distaste

    Antonyms: predilection

  2. a cause or object of dislike; person or thing that causes antipathy:

    His pet aversion is guests who are always late.

  3. Obsolete. the act of averting; a turning away or preventing.


/ əˈvɜːʃən /


  1. usually foll byto or for extreme dislike or disinclination; repugnance
  2. a person or thing that arouses this

    he is my pet aversion

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Word History and Origins

Origin of aversion1

First recorded in 1590–1600; from Latin āversiōn-, stem of āversiō; equivalent to averse + -ion

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Synonym Study

Aversion, antipathy, loathing connote strong dislike or detestation. Aversion is an unreasoning desire to avoid that which displeases, annoys, or offends: an aversion to (or toward ) cats. Antipathy is a distaste, dislike, or disgust toward something: an antipathy toward (or for ) braggarts. Loathing connotes a combination of hatred and disgust, or detestation: a loathing for (or toward ) hypocrisy, a criminal.

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Example Sentences

You can imagine a lot of situations in real life where you might overcome this aversion to asking sensitive questions.

Privacy issues are cropping up, too, as some vaccine recipients are uncomfortable sharing their race or ethnicity, an aversion that is often justified in light of histories of discrimination.

From Time

There are enough lenses on the back of this phone to give anyone a case of trypophobia, an aversion to holes.

The psychological aversion to marrying a sibling presents a far greater problem for the Tukanoans, whose numbers have been miniscule at times in the past, than for the massive countries of today.

Institutional risk aversion melted away, as goals suddenly became necessities.

From Fortune

Actually for Conte, who has a passionate aversion to labeling, that may be a bit too much categorization for his liking.

In addition to his temperamental aversion to populism, Roosevelt also had a practical reason to be cautious.

As newspapers began to reach broader segments of the population, the aversion to reporting on domestic matters lingered.

My aversion started back in medical school, which was right when “ER” debuted.

We have basically over-calibrated in our reaction to germs—our aversion to them has created a new vulnerability.

I remember a senior clerk in the office where I first worked to whom there was a general aversion.

High-minded and possessing a keen sense of honor himself, he had an instinctive aversion to anything mean or low in others.

Mademoiselle affected for her gaoler a most unconquerable aversion, and this she took pains to proclaim.

He had a strong aversion to newspaper men and sent them away without ceremony.

Experience has long proved that the surest way to overcome an aversion to a person is to do that person a kindness.





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