[ ey-vuh-ree ]


  1. Milton, 1893–1965, U.S. painter.
  2. a first name: from Old English words meaning “elf ” and “favor.”


/ āvə-rē /

  1. Canadian-born American bacteriologist who demonstrated in 1944 that DNA was the material that caused genetic changes in bacteria. His work was vital to scientists who later established that DNA is the carrier of genetic information in all living organisms.

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Example Sentences

Debi Jackson, mother of 14-year-old Avery Jackson who appeared on the cover of National Geographic, was also approached by Waters under false pretenses, claiming that they wanted to interview her and Avery for the Gender Unity Project.

Even though Avery’s experiment was not actually the first — it was confirming work done by others in 1939 — his work was better received and better known within the community.

Science News Letter, however, apparently did not notice the Avery paper, citing instead two subsequent studies, in 1950 and 1952, confirming DNA as the genetic material.

Then an electrical fire destroyed her apartment building, forcing her and her 16-month-old daughter Avery to stay in a $400-a-week motel.

No longer worried about transmitting the virus, Lindsay could finally meet her new grandson, Avery, who was born in March 2020.

From Ozy

Historian Matthew Avery Sutton, however, wants you to think of something else: the End Times.

Then appeared a series of black-and-white photos highlighting Paul Newman, Christian Bale, Sean Avery, and Rock Hudson.

Back in Manhattan, Peggy has to contend with a new boss named Lou Avery.

Derrick “Pimp Snooky” Avery was sent away for 20 years in 2010.

Avery said of himself, “Pimp Snooky is a brand, like Pepsi.”

"A maid found it under the bed on the floor of Mr. Morley's room at the Brevord," answered Avery.

Avery Goodman was then presented with a bag of flour and Adam Goodsport was handed a bag of soot.

The Avery is an engine with a return flue boiler and full water front, and also is arranged with a firebox besides.

Friday was wholly devoted to those whom Avery each year "delighteth to honor."

I felt sure, then, that Avery had actually found a real bargain.