[ahv-goh-lem-uh-noh; Greek ahv-gaw-le-maw-naw]

noun Greek Cookery.

a soup or sauce made with beaten eggs, lemon juice, and usually chicken broth.

Origin of avgolemono

1960–65; Modern Greek augolémono, equivalent to augó, abgó egg (pronunciation avγó), classical Greek tò ōión the egg, plural tà ōiá (cf. oo-), altered by fusion of article and noun, v and γ filling vocalic hiatus, merger of singular and plural forms, and separation of the article as t’ + -lemono variant (in compounds) of lemóni lemon < Italian limonePersian; see lemon
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British Dictionary definitions for avgolemono



a Greek soup made with eggs, lemon juice, and rice

Word Origin for avgolemono

C20: from Modern Greek
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