1. a combining form meaning “bird,” used in the formation of compound words: aviculture.

Origin of avi-

<Latin, combining form of avis

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How to use avi- in a sentence

  • At genus immortale manet, multosque per annosStat fortuna domus, et avi numerantur avorum!

    The Insect World | Louis Figuier
  • Otherwise there was little difference between the avi-fauna of the two valleys.

    Birds of the Rockies | Leander Sylvester Keyser
  • Now, when he went, he took one of his four pieces of cane and threw it west over avi-mota.

    Seven Mohave Myths | A. L. Kroeber
  • They came to Avi-'itšierqe and stood there and saw their mountains, their own place, the Providence mountains.

    Seven Mohave Myths | A. L. Kroeber
  • The Quail-people, being afraid, wanted to join Savilyuyave's people, and went to avi-kutaparve.

    Seven Mohave Myths | A. L. Kroeber