[ uh-vid-i-tee ]
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  1. eagerness; greediness.

  2. enthusiasm or dedication.

Origin of avidity

1400–50; late Middle English avidite<Middle French <Latin aviditās.See avid, -ity

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How to use avidity in a sentence

  • As they were adapted to the capacity of all classes of persons, they were eagerly sought after, and read with avidity.

  • According to M. C. Courrire, it was seized upon with avidity and produced a profound sensation.

    My Religion | Leo Tolstoy

British Dictionary definitions for avidity


/ (əˈvɪdɪtɪ) /

  1. the quality or state of being avid

    • eagerness

    • greed; avarice

  1. chem

    • the strength of an acid or base in proportion to its degree of dissociation

    • another term for affinity (def. 6b)

  2. immunol a measure of antigen-to-antibody binding, based on the rate of formation of the complex

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