[aw-fuh-lee, awf-lee]


very; extremely: That was awfully nice of you. He's awfully slow.
in a manner provoking censure, disapproval, or the like: She behaved awfully all evening.
  1. in a manner inspiring awe: shouting awfully the dreaded curse.
  2. in a manner expressing awe: to stare awfully.

Origin of awfully

1350–1400; Middle English auefulli; see awful, -ly

Usage note

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in an unpleasant, bad, or reprehensible manner
informal (intensifier)I'm awfully keen to come
archaic so as to express or inspire awe
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Word Origin and History for awfully

c.1300, "so as to inspire reverence," from awful + -ly (2). Meaning "dreadfully, so as to strike one with awe" is recorded from late 14c. As a simple intensifier, "very, exceedingly," recorded from c.1830.

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