1. A Native American people who ruled Mexico and neighboring areas before the Spaniards conquered the region in the sixteenth century. Starting in the twelfth century, they built up an advanced civilization and empire. ( See Hernando Cortés and Montezuma .)

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Before the 16thcentury, Spanish conquest, the Aztecs saw the skull as a symbol of rebirth.

It was at Chicomoztoc that the separation of the Aztecs from the rest of the Nahuatlacas took place.

The Huexotlas, according to Torquemada, withdrew their allegiance on hearing that the Aztecs were to be aided.

During the reign of 'the boy king' the Aztecs made an inroad, aided by the Tecos and other unruly tribes.

The Aztecs literally died in their tracks, disdaining to fly.

Both strata of belief are represented in the surviving cosmogonic myths of the Aztecs.


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