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or B.C.

before Christ (used in indicating dates).


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Usage note

The abbreviation b.c. “before Christ” is always placed after a date or century: Cleopatra lived from 69 to 30 b.c. The war took place in the first century b.c. See also a.d.1

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Bachelor of Chemistry.
Bachelor of Commerce.
bass clarinet.
battery commander.
British Columbia.

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or B and C

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Word Origin and History for b.c.


abbreviation of Before Christ, in chronology, attested by 1823. The phrase itself, Before Christ, in dating, with exact years, is in use by 1660s.

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An abbreviation used with dates of events that took place before the birth of Jesus. b.c. stands for before Christ. (Compare a.d.; see b.c.e.)

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