baba au rhum

[ bah-buhoh ruhm; French ba-baoh rawm ]

noun,plural ba·bas au rhum [bah-buhz oh ruhm; French ba-bazoh rawm]. /ˈbɑ bəz oʊ ˈrʌm; French ba ba zoʊ ˈrɔm/.
  1. a baba steeped in rum syrup.

Origin of baba au rhum

1930–35; <French: baba with rum

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How to use baba au rhum in a sentence

  • Make a dough the same as for baba au rhum, but omit the currants.

  • And along about the baba au rhum period I did get my fingers on the tall feathers of an idea.

    Torchy and Vee | Sewell Ford
  • He is the pastry-cook at the Netherlands; you should taste his puff-paste and his baba au rhum.

    A Top-Floor Idyl | George van Schaick