baby blue

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  1. a very light blue.

  2. baby blues, Informal. a person's blue eyes: His charm lies largely in the way he bats his baby blues.

Origin of baby blue

An Americanism dating back to 1885–90

Other words from baby blue

  • baby-blue, adjective

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How to use baby blue in a sentence

  • Apparently security was watching the throne of baby blue Ivy.

  • Susie Billings, minus her khaki and cartridges, looked the picture of demureness in white muslin and baby-blue ribbons.

    The Sunbridge Girls at Six Star Ranch | Eleanor H. (Eleanor Hodgman) Porter
  • Such a dear wee baby, I think you would have called it; so neat and tiny, and with such nice baby-blue eyes.

    A Christmas Child | Mrs. Molesworth
  • It is nothing to do with myself, he conceded, with the spirit of a man looking at her from his baby-blue eyes.

    The Wayfarers | Mary Stewart Cutting
  • And you could make yourself up young with your hair done up in a pigtail, with a cute little baby-blue bow on the end.

    Nothing But the Truth | Frederic S. Isham
  • Mrs. Davis hesitated and rolled her baby-blue eyes at him from under her heavily beaded lashes as she giggled.

    Lightnin' | Frank Bacon