baby step


  1. (in the game of giant steps) the shortest step permitted a player, executed by placing the heel of one foot against the toe of the other and drawing the back foot up to the front foot.

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Example Sentences

As the plane crested downward, we hopped like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and did one-handed push-ups, another baby step toward true weightlessness.

I truly believe this is not a year that you can take incremental or baby steps to how you’re going to spend your money in media.

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For them, the return to normal life may be a journey of baby steps.

Google has been taking baby steps toward making ART a Mainline module in previous years—ART has been packaged as a Mainline module on Pixel phones since Android 10 but has never been updated.

While lots of progress has been made on the level of individual funds, individual LPs and in baby steps toward a more general industry-wide push, there are still some core elements that are not in place.

And now just 150 years later, a giant baby step towards meaningful control of malaria perhaps has been made.

While advocates welcome the news, they tell Tricia Romano this is only a baby step for the Scouts.





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