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bachelor party

[ bach-ler pahr-tee, bach-uh-ler ]


  1. a celebration for a soon-to-be groom organized and attended primarily by male friends, often on the night before or in the days leading up to the wedding, and ranging from a formal gathering to a night of drinking and entertainment at a strip joint.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bachelor party1

First recorded in 1920–25
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Example Sentences

It was a bachelor party in Arizona, where a group of friends were venting their frustrations while using Tinder.

Belfort plans to marry Naomi and has his bachelor party in Vegas.

It began like a bachelor party—60 eager men in a cramped room, taking cryptic instructions from two enthusiastic-sounding women.

Did your friends get in any crazy situations during your Vegas bachelor party?

My bachelor party in Vegas was really a low-key affair, and my friends probably had a more exciting time than I did.

I came to invite dear Tesman to a little bachelor-party to celebrate his return from his long honeymoon.

It was a bachelor party, Randall, Carrington-Smith and myself.

Dick Swiveller goes to a bachelor party, and the desire for the convivial glass is strong within him.

Mrs. Hobson and Lady Clara were the matrons who gave the sanction of their presence to this bachelor-party.

It was a sort of farewell bachelor party, which Mr. Barkley induced his father to give.





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