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back to back


  1. (of two similar events) following one immediately after the other; in unbroken sequence; consecutively:

    After losing all day, he picked winners back to back in the last two races.


  1. adjacent or contiguous but oppositely oriented; having the backs close together or adjoining:

    The seats in the day coach are back to back.

  2. Stud Poker. (of a pair) consisting of the hole card and the first upcard:

    He had aces back to back.



  1. facing in opposite directions, often with the backs touching
  2. (of urban houses) built so that their backs are joined or separated only by a narrow alley
  3. informal.
  4. commerce
    1. denoting a credit arrangement in which a finance house acts as an intermediary to conceal the identity of the seller from the buyer
    2. denoting a loan from one company to another in a different country using a finance house to provide the loan but not the funding


  1. a house or terrace built in back-to-back style

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Word History and Origins

Origin of back to back1

First recorded in 1450–1500

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Example Sentences

Back-to-back Derby winner Yoenis Céspedes will now suit up as an American League outfield reserve.

So there I was, in the position of doing two shows that were going to be on back-to-back nights.

There are two back-to-back forty-five-minute segments without commercials.

Not many people would invite two back-to-back prison trips after two years of hard labor.

Katarina Witt winning back-to-back Gold medals in 1984 and 1988.

In any event, the men should be taught to take some form of a closed back-to-back formation.

Back-to-back, they fired, thrust, hewed and hacked at the swarming enemy.

Most of the photographs were printed back-to-back, but in this eBook, they appear on the pages given in the List of Illustrations.

Here are two back-to-back rear tenements, with dark bedrooms on the south.

T' house wheer I'd bin livin' were a back-to-back house, facin' north, so as we niver gat no sun thro' yeer's end to yeer's end.


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