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back out


  1. intr, adverboften foll byof to withdraw (from an agreement, etc)

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Example Sentences

Before I could apologize to his mother he ran back out to the living room with a poster of his dad and opened it up for me to see.

Who knew explaining how to change a tire and back out of a ditch could be so seductive?

Two years ago I pulled it back out and had some new thoughts about it.

Once they got to the car, Lindsey was going to try to clear a path for his boss to back out.

Nevertheless, after minimal bed rest, he was sent back out—and then on to a subsequent deployment.

Hundreds of soldiers already lined the streets to keep the crowd back out of the way of the procession.

Mazaroff was brought back out of the grave of these gloomy reflections by a footman who tendered him a note.

I stood back out of the way, and the three were prodded into a row in front of the low table.

She scowled angrily when she saw the mistress and maid, and Nita bade Lizette drop back out of hearing.

We'd better work back out, taking a different section of the pack as we do.


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