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[ bak-dawr ]


  1. a door at the rear of a house, building, etc.:

    Fans were waiting by the backdoor of the theater, hoping to catch a glimpse of the band.

  2. a secret, furtive, or illicit manner or means:

    The business has a backdoor through which the board of directors can access slush fund money.

  3. an indirect manner or means:

    Marriage counseling was a kind of backdoor into therapy, where I finally faced my dysfunctional relationship with my mother.

  4. Computers. a secret access point or undocumented vulnerability in a software program, hardware component, or digital network, sometimes intentionally maintained as for remote developer access, but also sometimes created or exploited for unauthorized access by hackers:

    If half of all devices have disclosed backdoors, cybersecurity experts must assume that the number of devices affected by undisclosed or malicious backdoors is much higher.

  5. Slang: Usually Vulgar. anus.


  1. Special interests pushed through a backdoor contract before the bidding period had expired.

  2. The immigration reform bill included backdoor amnesty for employed undocumented residents.

  3. Computers. relating to, using, or noting an indirect access point into a network, computer, or program:

    Hackers used a Trojan horse to establish backdoor access to the mainframe.

  4. Slang: Vulgar. anal ( def 1 ).
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Word History and Origins

Origin of backdoor1

First recorded in 1520–30; back 1( def ) + door
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Example Sentences

Pull up any video clip of Lee and you see a player cutting through the paint, head up, hands ready for a pass and a backdoor layup.

From Ozy

Once downloaded, the file would install a “backdoor” on the target’s machine.

From Fortune

The administration even tried to push the “Clipper Chip,” which would give them a backdoor into consumer devices.

From Time

He said barely a word, just stared straight ahead at the backdoor entrance to the Senate Chamber.

It was early 2019 and I’d gotten word that managers were worried they’d opened a backdoor to a rather intense surveillance effort.

Yet, after months of backdoor negotiations there was Xi, stone-facedly shaking hands with a smirking Abe.

In Kafr Kanna, because of the blocked highway exit, The Daily Beast was forced to use a backdoor entry to town.

That's happening thanks to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Survillence Act, the very "backdoor" discussed here.

The defenders of backdoor searches argue that the same rule should apply in the section 702 situation.

It was “a reasonably featureful backdoor product sold very cheaply,” he says.

He went out through the backdoor into the garden: stood to listen towards the next garden.

He went out by the backdoor into the garden, and saw how the sky was clouding up from the south-west.

The last Royalist defender of safe measures had vanished through the backdoor.

Early next morning, he tied up his clothes in his handkerchief, crept downstairs noiselessly and let himself out by the backdoor.

I had left of drinking of water from the year of '89 in America, but there was a well close by the backdoor.





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