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  1. a stroke, slap, etc., made with the palm of the hand turned toward the body and the back of the hand turned in the direction of the stroke, slap, etc.
  2. (in tennis, squash, etc.) a stroke made from the side of the body opposite to that of the hand holding the racket, paddle, etc.
  3. handwriting that slopes toward the left.
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  1. backhanded.
  2. (in tennis, squash, etc.) of, relating to, or noting a stroke made from the side of the body opposite to that of the hand holding the racket, paddle, etc.Compare forehand(def 1).
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  1. with the back of the hand: He hit him backhand across the face.
  2. from across the body; backhanded: She returned the ball backhand on the first serve.
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verb (used with object)
  1. to strike with the back of the hand.
  2. to hit, produce, or accomplish with a backhand.
  3. to catch (a ball or the like) backhanded.
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Origin of backhand

First recorded in 1650–60; back2 + hand
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Examples from the Web for backhand

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Historical Examples

  • It was a casual, backhand blow, but it almost caved in my chest.


    Winston Marks

  • With this backhand slap at the banker, the young man went out.

    The Heart of Canyon Pass

    Thomas K. Holmes

  • He grabbed his cup of steaming coffee, and threw it backhand into Gorton's face.

    Man of Many Minds

    E. Everett Evans

  • "F" indicates forehand, "B" backhand, and the "S" is the service.

    Squash Tennis

    Richard C. Squires

  • He will want in London a fellow who, in the character of the Highland turnkey, held the backhand (p. 250) to him admirably well.

British Dictionary definitions for backhand


  1. sport
    1. a stroke made across the body with the back of the hand facing the direction of the stroke
    2. (as modifier)a backhand return
  2. the side on which backhand strokes are made
  3. handwriting slanting to the left
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  1. with a backhand stroke
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verb (tr)
  1. sport to play (a shot) backhand
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Word Origin and History for backhand


as a tennis stroke, 1650s, from back (adv.) + hand. As a verb, by 1935. The figurative adjectival sense of "indirect" is from c.1800. Related: Backhanded; backhanding.

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