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or back-hoe, back hoe

[ bak-hoh ]


  1. a hydraulic excavating machine consisting of a tractor having an attached hinged boom, with a bucket with movable jaws on the end of the boom.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of backhoe1

First recorded in 1940–45; back 1 + hoe

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Example Sentences

During an archaeological excavation, the goal is to stop the backhoe before it hits a burial, so the archaeologists look for other clues that remains might be present.

The backhoe returned and began to scrape away at the soil layers.

As the backhoe dug deeper, wood fragments, glass, pottery shards and artifacts came to the surface.

A backhoe removed soil layer by layer, inches at a time, as archaeologists watched carefully for subtle changes in soil color and texture, and for any hint of a burial.

As backhoes and tug boats worked around the Panama-flagged Ever Given’s 400-meter-long hull on Thursday evening, experts began to tot up the economic and environmental ramifications of a protracted obstruction.

From Time

Sen. Robert F. Kennedy looked on as Pollard began to disinter the president with the backhoe.

First they set fire to a backhoe and a car, burning them to shells.

Leon drove the van down a dirt trail and stopped near the backhoe, which had finished its digging and was now just waiting.

Behind the church there was a cemetery, and at the far end of it a backhoe had just begun digging the grave.


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