[ bak-lawg, -log ]
/ ˈbækˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg /


a reserve or accumulation, as of stock, work, or business: a backlog of business orders.
a large log at the back of a hearth to keep up a fire.Compare forestick.

verb (used with object), back·logged, back·log·ging.

to hold in reserve, as for future handling or repair.
to enter and acknowledge (an order) for future shipment.

verb (used without object), back·logged, back·log·ging.

to accumulate in a backlog: Orders are starting to backlog faster than we can process them.

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Origin of backlog

First recorded in 1675–85; back1 + log1

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British Dictionary definitions for backlogged


/ (ˈbækˌlɒɡ) /


an accumulation of uncompleted work, unsold stock, etc, to be dealt with
mainly US and Canadian a large log at the back of a fireplace
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Word Origin and History for backlogged



1680s, "large log placed at the back of a fire," from back (adj.) + log (n.1). Figurative sense of "something stored up for later use" is first attested 1883, but this and the meaning "arrears of unfulfilled orders" (1932) might be from, or suggested by, log (n.2).

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