/ bæks /

plural noun

  1. the Backs
    the grounds between the River Cam and certain Cambridge colleges

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Example Sentences

In one of the activities men practiced putting the dolls gingerly on their backs to carry them.

He no doubt had heard by then that some of the cops had ignored his request and turned their backs.

They included the officers who had turned their backs on the Jumbotron, but there now was only reverence in their ranks.

After the shooting, the police literally turned their backs on de Blasio during a press conference.

U.S. spies are worried the long-awaited Senate review will paint targets on their backs.

Turn we our backs to the cold gloomy north, to the wet windy west, to the dry parching east—on to the south!

I've seen more cloes on folks' backs hyar, thet wan't no more'n fit for carpet-rags, than any place ever I struck.

There were two hard formal-looking couches, with straight backs and spider legs.

Squinty looked at the beautiful wagons, and at the strange animals, some with big humps on their backs.

The Russians were drawn up with the Alle at their backs, so that retreat was impossible, and only victory could save them.





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