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/ ˈbækwədz /


  1. towards the rear
  2. with the back foremost
  3. in the reverse of usual order or direction
  4. to or towards the past
  5. into a worse state

    the patient was slipping backwards

  6. towards the point of origin
  7. bend over backwards or lean over backwards or fall over backwards informal.
    to make a special effort, esp in order to please
  8. know backwards informal.
    to understand completely

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Example Sentences

The city is bending over backwards for restaurants, hair salons, barbershops – that they would consider putting another layer of red tape to re-open hotels is really unfair.

We should note that some political scientists argue that Gehl and Porter’s analysis of party power has it backwards.

It works great looking backwards, but going forwards it doesn’t work.

It’s also clear that this is not how the brain solves the learning problem, because it requires error signals to be sent backwards in both time and space across the synapses between neurons, which is clearly impossible.

It strikes me that you got that exactly backwards with your political career.

It seems backwards to applaud what is already necessary, what has already been clear for a long time.

Much of the Internet still harbors very backwards views towards women.

Since bandwidth has become reasonable, paying extra for it feels like a backwards move.

In the search for an alternative, both writers looked not forward, but backwards.

Speaking up about this backwards philosophy is actually how she got the gig.

The series is so taught that it can be recited forwards‌ and backwards—the only true test of learning any series.

His imagination, wakened by Egypt, plunged backwards with a sense of strange familiarity.

He went backwards, sailing through the air, to land in the evergreen bed.

All belonged to the first days in Egypt before he noticed anything; the mind worked backwards to their gleaning.

The natural result was that the ʼrikisha man bolted and the ʼrikisha tilted backwards, to the discomfort of the fool riding in it.


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