bad seed


  1. informal.
    a person who is seen as being congenitally disposed to wrongdoing and likely to be a bad influence on others

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Example Sentences

In 1954, no one had met anyone like her, or the novel that contained her: ‘The Bad Seed.’

The Bad Seed is the story of how Christine becomes aware that her daughter is, in modern terminology, a psychopath.

The Bad Seed would ultimately sell more than a million copies, leading to a hit stage adaptation and an Oscar-nominated film.

We then spent a few minutes talking about wine categories that have been killed by one bad seed.

Sin spreads misery around it only when there is ground ready for the bad seed.

Treachery breeds treachery, duplicity is a bad seed to sow for loyalty, and the Manx people were divided in their allegiance.

The first year of Mossgiel, from buying bad seed, the second from a late harvest, he lost half his crops.

Those who preach, or teach, sow good or bad seed, which takes root in the mind or heart.

The Enemy seizes the opportunity—the carelessness of Christs servants—and sows bad seed.





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