[ buh-hah-muhz, -hey- ]


  1. (used with a plural verb) a group of islands in the W Atlantic Ocean, SE of Florida.
  2. (used with a singular verb) an independent country comprising this group: formerly a British colony; gained independence 1973. 4,404 sq. mi. (11,406 sq. km). : Nassau.


/ bəˈhɑːməz /

plural noun

  1. the Bahamas
    a group of over 700 coral islands (about 20 of which are inhabited) in the Caribbean: a British colony from 1783 until 1964; an independent nation within the Commonwealth from 1973. Language: English. Currency: Bahamian dollar. Capital: Nassau. Pop: 319 031 (2013 est). Area: 13 939 sq km (5381 sq miles)
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  1. Republic in the Atlantic Ocean , consisting of 700 islands and islets and 2,400 smaller islands, called cays.

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The Bahamas were under the control of Britain until 1973, when they became an independent, self-governing state.
The Bahamas are a popular winter resort.
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  • Ba·ha·mi·an [b, uh, -, hey, -mee-, uh, n, -, hah, -], noun adjective
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Example Sentences

If the traveler would rather return to the States than recover in the Bahamas, the company will fly the guest and up to four family members sharing the same room to South Florida at no cost.

Video from 2015 in the Bahamas seemed to show Reed placing the club directly behind the ball in a waste area.

It offers e-residencies — documents that allow entrepreneurs to remotely set up businesses in the country, even if they’re actually lounging in the Bahamas.

From Ozy

This would undoubtedly have been a reference to the almost simultaneously released documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas in 2017.

From Fortune

It’s late August and Lenny Kravitz is relaxing in the most beautiful place on earth, his home on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas.

Casino resorts thrive in the Bahamas and have a presence in almost every port of call for hundreds of miles.

Take, for example, the recently rebranded Popeyes Bahamas Bowl to be held on Christmas Eve.

No, there are no Popeyes chicken franchises in the Bahamas, and probably just as many local fans of college ball.

The Musician, located in Copperfield Bay in the Bahamas, was made in collaboration with musician David Copperfield.

Jolly attacked Sink for using a state plane to “get to a vacation in the Bahamas.”

It is a fair surmise that Jurgens, and those with him, will lay a course for that particular island in the Bahamas.

We could follow down the coast line, and then jump across the Florida Straits to the Bahamas.

Jurgens told me to tell you that he was off for the Bahamas, and that you'll have to get up in the morning if you beat him.

In less than two weeks, Motor Matt, we could make a round trip to the Bahamas in your air ship.

I asked Jurgens where the chest came from, what it contained, and how it had happened to be cached in the Bahamas.





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