or Bah·rein

[ bah-reyn, -rahyn, buh- ]

  1. a sheikdom in the Persian Gulf, consisting of a group of islands: formerly a British protectorate; declared independent 1971. 232 sq. mi. (601 sq. km). Capital: Manama.

  2. the largest island in this group, and the site of most of the country's oil fields. 213 sq. mi. (552 sq. km).

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British Dictionary definitions for Bahrain



/ (bɑːˈreɪn) /

  1. an independent sheikhdom on the Persian Gulf, consisting of several islands: under British protection until the declaration of independence in 1971. It has large oil reserves. Language: Arabic. Religion: Muslim. Currency: dinar. Capital: Manama. Pop: 1 281 332 (2013 est). Area: 678 sq km (262 sq miles)

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Cultural definitions for Bahrain


[ (bah-rayn) ]

Island kingdom in the Persian Gulf off the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Notes for Bahrain

British protectorate from 1820 to 1971.

Notes for Bahrain

Revenues from oil reserves, first discovered in 1931, have funded some of the most progressive programs in the Arabian nations.

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