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balance beam


  1. a narrow wooden rail about 16 feet (5 meters) long and 4 inches (10 centimeters) wide, set horizontally on upright posts about 4 feet (1.2 meters) from the floor, used for performing feats of balancing and demonstrating gymnastic ability.
  2. a competitive gymnastic event for women in which such an apparatus is used.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of balance beam1

First recorded in 1945–50

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Example Sentences

Fortunately, the four-time Olympic champion did make a return for the balance beam event and took home bronze, two days after a family member passed away.

From Ozy

She will continue to be evaluated daily to determine whether to compete in the finals for floor exercise and balance beam.

From Time

Johnson was a reserve for both balance beam and floor exercise, so she warmed up to compete.

Sanne Wevers was one month shy of 25 when she won the gold medal on balance beam at the 2016 Olympics.

As the rats ran down a short balance beam, stopping occasionally to poke their noses at a water fountain, their brains knew something was off.

A connecting rod worked a balance-beam, which worked the air-pump, feed-pump, and plug-rod for moving the valves.

A large balance-beam was attached to the pump-rods, near the bottom cross-head.

Mr. Jump, a director on the mine, pointed out a balance-beam that Mr. Trevithick had put up thirty years before.

The scales consisted of two tin pans of equal size and weight hung from a balance beam.

It was evidently a very slim canoe with a balance beam and sails.





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