[ bal-uhnst ]
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  1. fairly or equally containing a diversity of views, aspects, ingredients, activities, etc.: The course provides a balanced program of study in painting, design, sculpture, and ceramics.Some newspapers provided more balanced coverage of the conflict.

  2. being in harmonious or proper arrangement or adjustment, proportion, etc.:These guidelines will help beginning photographers achieve a balanced composition in each shot.

  1. (of a budget) showing enough revenue or income to cover all expenses: Our newly formed Finance Council will promote a balanced budget and long-range financial planning.

  2. (of an investment portfolio) including investments of a variety of types or in a variety of sectors so as to maximize returns with a manageable level of risk:Stocks can help you achieve a balanced portfolio when combined with fixed-income investments such as bonds.

  3. Football. pertaining to or noting an offensive line formation having three linemen on each side of the center.: Compare unbalanced (def. 5).

Origin of balanced

First recorded in 1585–95; balance + -ed2

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  • self-bal·anced, adjective

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/ (ˈbælənst) /

  1. having weight evenly distributed; being in a state of equilibrium

  2. (of a person) mentally and emotionally stable

  1. (of a discussion, programme, etc) presenting opposing points of view fairly and without bias

  2. (of a diet) consisting of all essential nutrients in suitable form and amounts to maintain health

  3. (of a budget) having expenditure no greater than income

  4. electronics (of signals or circuitry) symmetrically disposed about earth or other reference potential

  5. (of a chemical equation) having the correct relative number of moles of reactants and products

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