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  1. Emily Greene, 1867–1961, U.S. economist, sociologist, and author: Nobel Peace Prize 1946.

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Example Sentences

In addition to the review of applications, Balch’s role in the rental relief program was meant to include helping draft rules and regulations, “designing and overseeing program administration,” and training staff, according to the letter.

A Balch spokeswoman, Julie Wall Khoury, said the firm plays only a “supporting role” in managing the rental aid program, and said there is “no conflict of interest” between the program’s beneficiaries and the firm’s clients.

Two blocks from the Federal Reserve, a growing encampment of the homeless grips the economy's most powerful figureWhile the Youngs have been left waiting, Balch has reaped millions of dollars in fees from the federal emergency relief program.

Balch, he said, was chosen on the basis of its track record in working with the agency, and not due to its political connections.

Balch helped win the case, forcing the family out of the home in April.

At the wedding of Dr. and Mrs. Balch in 1782, tea was served in cups not much larger than thimbles.

But the newspaper did not say how rich any one would be that had a whole lot of margins on that stock at Kennedy & Balch's.

The authority of Artaxerxes was solemnly acknowledged in a great assembly held at Balch in Khorasan.

She finished with audible relief and, turning triumphantly—greeted Miss Balch and her brother Leofwin.

"Dear me, I am afraid we are intruding," said Miss Balch, looking around with ingenuous charm.