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[beyl-fahyuh r]
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  1. a large fire in the open air; bonfire.
  2. a signal fire; beacon.
  3. the fire of a funeral pile.
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Origin of balefire

1250–1300; Middle English bal(e)fir, equivalent to bale (< Old Norse bāl funeral pyre) + fire fire; replacing Old English bǣlfȳr
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Related Words

flare, lantern, radar, rocket, alarm, sign, beam, lamp, watchtower, alert, bonfire, lighthouse, heliograph, pharos, lodestar, balefire, guidepost

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Historical Examples

  • A single window in the wing gleamed like a balefire in the rays of the setting sun.

    Shapes that Haunt the Dusk


  • Balefire devoured, greediest spirit, those spared not by war out of either folk: their flower was gone.



  • This word was the last which the wise old man harbored in heart ere hot death-waves of balefire he chose.



British Dictionary definitions for balefire


noun archaic
  1. a bonfire
  2. a beacon fire
  3. a funeral pyre
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Word Origin

C14 bale, from Old English bǣl pyre; related to Old Norse bāl flame, pyre, Sanskrit bhāla brightness
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