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ball game

or ballgame


  1. any game played with a ball, especially baseball or softball.
  2. Informal. a situation and all its attendant circumstances: Compare new ball game.

    Having a new administration in power changes the entire ball game at city hall.

  3. Archaeology. a ceremonial game of both ritual and sporting significance, played by teams on a ball court in Mesoamerican cultures from the Preclassic period to the Spanish conquest.

ball game


  1. any game played with a ball
  2. a game of baseball
  3. informal.
    a situation; state of affairs (esp in the phrase a whole new ball game )
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Word History and Origins

Origin of ball game1

An Americanism dating back to 1840–50
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Example Sentences

This might mean limiting how often you mow your lawn, relocating your whiffle ball games, and keeping your pets leashed rather than letting them run free.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I remember imagining that, one day, it would all suddenly open up and we would go back to our schools, churches, bars and ball games and cheer and laugh about how crazy that all was.

He directed the ball games at Ebbets Field, the baseball games.

From Ozy

If we’re sequencing about 20% of cases, then we might start to see something and we would be in the ball game to find new variants.

From Time

People will once again be able to get together with their families and friends, go into an office, eat inside at restaurants, go to a ball game and take vacations.

“If anything got in the way of a rodeo, like a ball game, the ball game would have to wait,” Clyde Frost said.

And unlike Collins, Sam was doing it at the beginning of his career—a whole other ball game.

Mocking America in person, to its collective face, is a whole new ball game—and one without much precedent.

Girra was a powerful figure in the metropolitan pin-ball game syndicate and had a piece of the number policy racket too.

And you know folks are always in a hurry when they're going to a ball game—especially boys.

In the Middle Ages, tennis—the oldest ball-game known—was a favorite sport of kings and of those about them.

This is the way the one-time cricketer and football champion viewed his first ball game.

On the third day of December notices appeared on the bulletin board announcing the first basket ball game of the season.





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