/ ˈbælɑːd /


  1. BallardJ(ames) G(raham)19302009MBritishChineseWRITING: novelist J ( ames ) G ( raham ). 1930–2009, British novelist, born in China; his books include Crash (1973), The Unlimited Dream Company (1979), Empire of the Sun (1984), Cocaine Nights (1996), and Super-Cannes (2000)

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Example Sentences

I have cast the person out of my life who told me who Jake Ballard killed before I had a chance to watch the episode.

The members from these locations have been urged to go to the location in Ballard, WA.

Ballard was a prophet who had an incredible ability to predict how culture developed with technology.

Not according to Haze, who is decidedly Zen about his Method approach to Ballard.

Mrs. Kleinhans called Bill Ballard, protesting the quick autopsy.

We were soon ferried over, and were kindly received on the wharf by Captain Ballard and Mr. Glenn.

I cannot find any information respecting Bullord, but it is very improbable that this name was merely a misspelling of Ballard.

The moments that followed were the wildest ever experienced by the young trio, Johnny, Ballard, and Bex.

Bal—Ballard,” he caught his breath sharply, “you—you tell my folks I might not come back nev—never.

Strangely enough, though he moved forward silently, Ballard was not thinking of the bear.