ballpoint pen

[ bawl-point pen ]


  1. a pen in which the point is a fine ball bearing that rotates against a supply of semisolid ink in a cartridge, thus rolling the ink onto paper.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ballpoint pen1

First recorded in 1945–50; ball 1 + point
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Example Sentences

It’s a working ballpoint pen, but there’s a 32-gigabyte digital voice recorder inside.

This is a simple and easy-to-use recorder hidden inside a standard ballpoint pen.

It’s literally a ballpoint pen, so it blends in with any office environment, and it offers convenient features like one-touch recording, automatic file organization, and automatic saving in the event of low battery.

So next time you’re in an important meeting where you really need to remember something, whip out the old notebook and ballpoint pen.

With their heightened senses, trained rescue dogs can find “a bullet shell, a piece of plastic, a ballpoint pen or a set of keys,” said Scott Guenther, who works alongside his yellow Labrador, Nahla, with Jackson Hole Search Dogs in Wyoming.

Underneath my name, in black ballpoint pen, it says: Abd pain; Diff breathing; Inhalation.

The officer passed a form across the table and handed me a ballpoint pen, and I realized that this was war.

This week, Jim Carrey plays a smitten con man, the craziest literary tattoos, and a new art show fashioned with a ballpoint pen.

Serrated knives are the disposable ballpoint pen of the knife world.

There wasn't a ballpoint pen, clipboard, or paper form in sight.

On the first page in blue ink, ballpoint pen there is some handwriting which is hers at the top.

All the red marks and the little bit in ballpoint pen are made by her.

If your ballpoint pen won't write as you want it to, your life doesn't stop, she probably was thinking.

I do not believe they are dated, and it was with a ballpoint pen.

With my paper and his ballpoint pen and ruler, it should be easy.





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