[ buh-looch ]


, plural Ba·luch·es, (especially collectively) Ba·luch.

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Example Sentences

Rights activists like Boledi, the Iranian Baluch dissident living in Sweden, harbor some of the same concerns.

Around half the Baluch in the province are unemployed, a result, say rights groups, of longstanding marginalization by Tehran.

His latest target has been Hajji Hassan, a Baluch drug lord who fled Iran and settled in Turbat in 2000.

Nestled in the hills are small market towns like Buleda, dominated by Baluch who make a living smuggling diesel and drugs.

As a well-known advocate for Baluch rights in Iran, young Iranians reach out to him for advice.

Las Bela is an insignificant Baluch town in the valley of the Purali, and at present commands nothing of value.

This must have been sickening; but it resulted in a series of excursions into Baluch territory which are not uninstructive.

The Arab type of Baluch extends through the whole country at intervals, and includes all the finest and best of Baluch humanity.

It would be difficult to match the stately dignity and imposing presence of a Baluch chief of the Marri or Bugti clans.

The Baluch is less turbulent, less treacherous, less bloodthirsty and less fanatical than the Pathan.