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[ bam-boo-zuhld ]


  1. deceived through trickery, flattery, or the like; hoodwinked:

    He feels there’s been a cover-up by the manufacturer and it’s his duty to bring it to the attention of a bamboozled public.

  2. perplexed, mystified, or confused:

    I must have had a very bamboozled look on my face, because she gave me an impatient "What’s your problem, lady?"


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of bamboozle ( def ).

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Example Sentences

To me, pseudoscience is somebody who uses the words of science in a superficial way to bamboozle people who don’t understand the science, which is most of us.

Rather than gatekeepers, we have right-wing mob leaders out to make a buck and gain fame by bamboozling Americans.

Speaking of Bamboozled, every Halloween you hear a horror story of a celebrity in blackface costume.

Though certainly romantic on the subject, Booker has been neither corralled nor bamboozled.

Roseanne Barr thinks America has been “bamboozled and hoodwinked.”

Conservatives were “bamboozled,” says former Texas GOP Chairman Tom Pauken.

Here Waters had to confess herself bamboozled, and Maggie skipped off to bed with a very light heart.

Anthony was under his wife's thumb and Frances had been completely bamboozled by her dearest friend.

He asked Lydia seriously what she should recommend doing, to make good citizens out of bamboozled aliens.

They worked directly under his direction, put forth the musical lures and decoys and the ignorant public was easily bamboozled.

The land was all farmed out on shares, an' his farmers mostly bamboozled him the hull time.