[ ban-dit ]
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noun,plural ban·dits or (Rare) ban·dit·ti [ban-dit-ee]. /bænˈdɪt i/.
  1. a robber, especially a member of a gang or marauding band.

  2. an outlaw or highwayman.

  1. Informal.

    • a person who takes unfair advantage of others, as a merchant who overcharges; swindler; cheat.

    • a vendor, cab driver, etc., who operates a business or works without a required license or permit, and without observing the usual rules or practices.

  2. Military Informal. an enemy aircraft, especially an attacking fighter.

Idioms about bandit

  1. make out like a bandit, Slang. to be extremely successful; profit greatly: The early investors in the company have made out like bandits.

Origin of bandit

First recorded in 1585–95; earlier bandetto, plural banditti, from Italian banditi “outlaws,” plural of bandito “proscribed,” past participle of bandire “banish, exile, announce publicly,” from Gothic bandwjan “to make a sign, indicate” (cf. band1) with verb suffix -ire, from Latin -īre

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/ (ˈbændɪt) /

nounplural -dits or -ditti (-ˈdɪtɪ)
  1. a robber, esp a member of an armed gang; brigand

Origin of bandit

C16: from Italian bandito, literally: banished man, from bandire to proscribe, from bando edict, ban 1

Derived forms of bandit

  • banditry, noun

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