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[ bang-uhp ]


, Informal.
  1. excellent; extraordinary.

bang up


  1. slang:prison.
    tr, adverb to lock up (a prisoner) in his or her cell, esp for the night
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Word History and Origins

Origin of bang-up1

First recorded in 1800–10; adj. use of verb phrase bang up
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Idioms and Phrases

Damage, injure, as in Banging up the car a second time will make Dad very unhappy , or Mother fell down the stairs and was all banged up . The verb to bang alone had this meaning from the 1500s on, up being added in the late 1800s. In the early 1800s it gave rise to the colloquial adjective bang-up , for excellent or very successful, as in David did a bang-up job baking the birthday cake .
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Example Sentences

SB Nation and their Swish Appeal site do a pretty bang-up job, as well.

Yes, if only he had gone to Harvard or Yale like our last four presidents, who have done such a bang-up job running the country.

After all, the House GOP did a bang-up job of controlling spending when they had unified control of Washington, just a decade ago.

But of course no visit to Hollywood would be complete without a bang-up, star-studded gala.

Miss Boutts replied that they were too busy in the daytime, but were asked once a week to a "bang-up" affair.

One day Doctor Kirby and me was walking along the main street of a little town and we seen a bang-up funeral percession coming.

Now, up in Kansas City we goes to a sumptious layout, pays less an' gets bang-up stuff.

As in England, we will be bang up against an industrial awakening that will mark an epoch.

Editor DeWitt took it for granted she would bring in a bang-up story when she returned to the newspaper office.


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