bang away

  1. Go ahead; begin or continue. This slangy imperative usually calls merely for energetic action, as in You can start without me—bang away . Also see go to (it) , def. 3.

  2. Strike repeatedly, as in Mary is always banging away on the piano , or The doorbell must be broken; see who is banging away at the door . [First half of 1800s] Also see bang out .

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Example Sentences

Watching them bang away at their instruments is worth the look.

Fast and furious, more than one hundred and fifty cannon bang away at the little inclosure.

When we could see the brown bodies right above our heads I would sit up and bang away.

The other boys continued to bang away, but soon the escaping game was beyond their reach.

“Or going over backward, when you do bang away with both barrels at once,” added Davy Jones, wisely.

One of you keep watch on the door, and if they start to open just bang away in the air to tell that we mean business.


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