/ ˌbæŋɡəˈlɔː /


  1. a city in S India, capital of Karnataka state: printing, textiles, pharmaceuticals. Pop: 4 292 223 (2001) Alternative official nameBengaluruˌbeŋɡəlˈuːru

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Example Sentences

“We are tracking down the man,” the Bangalore Police Commissioner said.

Both the Bangalore City Crime Branch and Indian national intelligence officials are after him.

Bangalore is the nearest international airport, a six-hour drive away.

About a year ago, I decided to read only in Kannada, the dominant local language, whenever I visited Bangalore.

My life is now divided between the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai.

Bangalore was next besieged by him, but resisted for nearly nine months, and only surrendered in January, 1784.

A number of Bangalore torpedoes were therefore made and carried up to the trenches.

I was subaltern of the cantonment main-guard at Bangalore one day in the month of June, 182-.

As carpenter of the Bangalore he would be an especially valuable acquisition to our party.

Outside Bangalore city there is a woollen mill, which turns out blankets, cloth for greatcoats, and woollen stuffs.





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