banging (ˈbæŋɪŋ)

/ (ˈbæŋɪn) /

  1. slang excellent: the island boasts a bangin' selection of clubs

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How to use bangin' in a sentence

  • When it come ter dat, we ain't ez much ez speaken ter um, an' here dey come, bangin' aloose at us.

    A Little Union Scout | Joel Chandler Harris
  • Dey matches de folks wid der money bangin' agin der knees in der petticoat pockets.

    The Shadow | Mary White Ovington
  • He was for bangin' into the auld Tower straight away and shootin' Dobson if he tried to stop them.

    Huntingtower | John Buchan
  • He ain't all the time bangin' the bulkhead and sniffin' brimstone, like parsons I have seen.

    Keziah Coffin | Joseph C. Lincoln
  • There won't ba more crashin' an' bangin' when the world breaks up.