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[ bangz ]


  1. John Ken·drick [ken, -drik], 1862–1922, U.S. humorist.

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Example Sentences

Officials also had received reports of loud bangs—called in by fishermen—and an oil slick.

Ten-year-old Yasmine al Attar stares at me from under her dark curled bangs.

And I had the blonde, bobbed hair with like really high bangs that went super high.

He also told her she had a high forehead, and suggested she embrace bangs.

Women began sporting her trademark dark bangs and dressing like pinups.

It is not the power that breaks the machinery, but bangs, and not the uniform weight that this will give.

But when Bob comes in he bangs the outer door until you are reminded of the Black Tom explosion.

She had dark brown hair coming in bangs to the eyebrows, and her eyes were gold-hazel.

When Bangs saw Scattergood he stopped and whispered a moment to his companion, who nodded.

One man bangs an instrument like those called harmonicons, with slats of metal set across it all the way up.


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