/ (ˈbænɪstəz) /

pl n
  1. the railing and supporting balusters on a staircase; balustrade

Origin of banisters

C17: altered from baluster

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How to use banisters in a sentence

  • Even when bending down and looking through the banisters she could only see a part of the room.

    The Light That Lures | Percy Brebner
  • Maxfield stopped, hesitatingly, with his hand on the banisters at the top of the landing.

    A Charming Fellow, Volume II (of 3) | Frances Eleanor Trollope
  • Toby came last, sliding down the banisters, and shouting in glee as he landed at the bottom.

    Bumper, The White Rabbit | George Ethelbert Walsh
  • Mappo soon learned to go up and down stairs very well indeed, and he liked nothing better than to slide down the banisters.

    Mappo, the Merry Monkey | Richard Barnum
  • I'd like to take him down by way of the banisters,—just give him one shove, and let him fly.

    We Ten | Lyda Farrington Kraus