/ (ˈbæŋkɪt) /

  1. a gold-bearing conglomerate found in South Africa

Origin of banket

C19: from Dutch: a kind of almond hardbake, alluding to its appearance

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How to use banket in a sentence

  • After the masse was done ther was a greate banket and fest and the ladyes of England highly entreteyned.

  • And when the dansing was doone, the banket was serued in of two hundred dishes, with great plentie to euerie bodie.'

    South London | Sir Walter Besant
  • But going to the castell to deliver it, we had answer that the governor slept and the secretary was biden out to a banket.

  • So this night we arived at Fushamy at supper tyme; but our hostes sonne of Miaco met me per the way with a banket.

  • And Cude Dono of Firando brought me a barso of wine and a banket, nifon catange.