/ bɑ̃ljø /


  1. a suburb of a city

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Example Sentences

It is certainly more stylish than a council flat in a small-town banlieue!

The banlieue setting is rough and rife with violence and drug trafficking.

She must leave the banlieue, just as she insists to the school counselor, that she must go to high school.

Hot on the heels of the November 2005 banlieue riots, tensions remained high.

Ninety-one bombs were dropped that night within the old fortifications; more than two hundred were showered on the banlieue.

From the top of the steps in the picturesque Rue des Lilas we have a fine view across the neighbouring banlieue.

This talent of divining, possessed in a high degree by the Parisians, has never passed the banlieue.

He held the scales of justice in all the Abbey banlieue which stretched over many a mile of Hampshire and of Surrey.

Inexhaustible as is the banlieue of Paris you are always glad to get back.





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