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[ ban-ing ]


  1. a city in S California, near Los Angeles.

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Example Sentences

Inside Higher Ed opened the question of banning frats in September after some schools began suspending fraternity activities.

The idea of banning fraternities has been swirling around for the entirety of 2014.

On the other hand, right-wing activists have lately said, banning displays interferes with the exercise of religion.

“Banning the burqa” is really just a matter of public security and common sense.

Many countries have now gone as far as banning exotic animals from circus arenas to prevent such monstrosities.

Lieutenant Banning, mopping his brow, stepped forward to felicitate his commanding officer.

When dawn broke Carver and Banning, up with the sun, uttered an almost simultaneous exclamation.

They want young Banning in it and the matter was about settled when we came away, but the payments will run over several years.

Mrs. Banning has written a novel which will 253 surprise those who remember her only by her first novel, This Marrying.

My heart's in my work, Banning; I'm not eager to undergo political eclipse at forty.